Expect The unexpected...

2014-01-07 15:18:00

When a love one has died, what should you expect to happen? 

That's an interesting question I have recently been asked and in a simple statement of response, my answer is, expect the unexpected. 
In other words, no one can predict what would be a standard point of reaction when a family member dies. First and foremost, what are your expectations?
•do you wish to have services of remembrance scheduled (will weekend services be easier)
•will you welcome visitors to your home/ is your home prepared for this( will utilities still be on? Is there food in the home? Is there room enough for out of town guests?)
•will your household income now change
( have I enough monies to pay for funeral services?)
•if a parent had died, will the surviving parent need to relocate (will mom need to move in with me?)
•are you just wanting the following days and process to be as simple as possible?
( have you preplanned this to help?)
These are just a few points of thought which come to mind for me to share as a suggested "prompt" of consideration but my bigger point would be, what are you expecting? Maybe it's time to talk with a professional...