2013-02-21 15:30:00

Family reunions during the time of a death are inevitable, just try to be respectful of your surroundings!  

In times past, family gatherings were a tradition...Thanksgiving at Grandma's, Christmas with relatives, and usually a summer-time family re-union with every relation you were ever kin to, including "Uncle Eddie".  But with today's world of hurrying from one place to another, relatives living across several different states and our children involved in every activity known to man-kind, many families are unable to have a scheduled gathering, so many times relatives are only able to gather during a time of death.

As funeral professionals, we anticipate this and understand when folks stay at our facilities long past scheduled times for visiting. Family reunions are quite often a part of our environment. I too take advantage of this timing when I pay respect for a relative who has died.  Just this past month, I attended services for a great aunt on each side of my parents family, where I was able to catch up on all the gossip of family squabbles.  And even though we were celebrating the memories of two wonderful ladies, I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with family members I hadn't seen in years....