Benefits of Joining

You may join here on our site or by choosing to do your arrangements at our office, or in the comfort of your home, or by mail.

• Join the Cremation Society for convenience: We have made the process easy.

• Join the Cremation Society for assurance and security: Our on-site cremation facility eliminates any possible mix up of remains by contracted third parties.

• Join the Cremation Society for value: Our costs are fully disclosed to you. No add-ons later, no hidden fees from third parties. We disclose complete service details and truthfully answers all questions.

• Join the Cremation Society for your family: You’ll eliminate your family's stress of making final arrangements and protect them from emotional overspending.

The Cremation Society of the Carolinas does not require a membership fee. Call us, email us, or submit our enrollment information to receive our free planning packet & schedule a free consultation with one of our Planning Advisors.

Advanced Planning Steps
If you have decided to start planning ahead, we commend you. Here below, we have compiled this information to assist you in completing this important task.

STEP ONE: Research a trusted provider
• This step begins right here with a review of our information: We have tried to make this thorough without burdening you with a lot of written materials. If you have further questions about the Cremation Society of the Carolinas that are not answered here, please call our office so we may assist you personally.

STEP TWO: Decide which level of Planning in right for you
• Registered Membership: Completed statistical information including a Personal Data Form and the Authorization for Cremation. We will record your information and send you a permanent membership card.
• Prefunded Membership: Completed statistical information, including a Personal Data Form, Authorization for Cremation form, contract completed to pre-fund your wishes with the current price, this guarantees you never require your family further expenses. (Monthly payment or one-time payment options are available for pre-funded contract.)

STEP THREE: Complete the statistical information and return it to us
• Registered Membership –Complete statistical information, then mail, fax, or bring it to our office.
• Prefunded Membership – This step takes the financial and emotional burden off of your loved ones.

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