Testimonials from our Families




Lisa Williams came to the house to make pre-arrangements when my wife was quite ill. She couldn't have handled things better. She was great! Christopher Hatton worked with our minister, musicians and me to create a beautiful service. Thanks to all.

 I was so thankful for the delivering of my mothers remains & the consideration of all the employees. This went above everything to us in our time of grief. Thank you, thank you, thank you, ~Darlene H. & Darell M. 10/2018

Your service was way above and beyond expectations. Ada is awesome! ~Billy B. Jr. 09/2018

Thank you for your care and respect for my loved one. And the respect you gave her family. Many Blessings to you. ~ Linda W. Family. 10/2018

My father, my mother, and my sister Cynthia were cremated at the Cremation Society of the Carolinas. Their discretion, helpfulness and care led me to use their services for my wife Naomi.  10/2018

Lisa Williams came to our Apt. for prearranged service. She was great.
Stephen Sconfitto was very helpful in sending the obituary to the Mooresville Tribune. Ashes were delivered to my apartment at Springmoor. ~Thanks, Barbara F. 09/2018

Everyone I dealt with was professional, friendly, compassionate, You could not ask for a better experience. 09/2018

Thank you, you made it very easy, no stress. Thank you. 10/2018 

Everyone I dealt with was professional, friendly, and compassionate. You could not ask for a better experience.

When I explained that my left behind very little money to cover expenses, Cremation Society worked with me to make it affordable. 

We were out of state and had to arrange services for a sudden death. Everything was handled very easily and efficiently. The staff were so helpful and understanding.  I highly recommend Cremation Society of the Carolinas to anyone who needs services - in or out of state. Thank you for making this difficult time so easy for us. ~ Melanie L. G. 09/2018

Henry was particularly helpful, Your company made the worst time of our lives bearable. We will be forever grateful. Thank you. ~ Melanie C. 8/2018

Sean and Ada were helpful. Beautifully done. We were pleased. ~ Cathy H. P.


Everything was handled by the phone, e-mail, and mail. No problems at all. I am the wife and was happy with your help handling everything from hospice to the church. 09/2018

My husband, the deceased, made all his arrangements years ago. I was very pleased with the service. 08/2018

Christopher Hatton provided our family exceptional service in our time of mourning, He helped us with the decisions and worked closely with our clergy to support the Remembrance Service. We appreciate Christopher's compassion experience and follow through. Thank you Dave W.  07/2018

The staff member were excellent prior and after! I would recommend to my friends and family. 07/2018

Ada was very professional and sincere. 07/2018

I can't thank your staff enough for their professionalism, respect, and compassion in our time of sorrow. From the beginning to the end, all our needs were met with no glitches. Ada was so patient and great to talk to; Kevin was the first person we saw when I visited, he made me feel comfortable and showed me the entire building; Steve had all the paperwork in order when I arrive to pick up the ashes of my loved one, I felt the respect and compassion as he handed me the container.

I couldn't be happier with the service I received and the caring, respect and professionalism demonstrated by all. Again thank you. Audrey A. and family. 02/2018

We were glad we prearranged everything. It made things so much easier during a very emotional time. All the staff was very courteous and helpful and prompt. After making my Mom's arrangements and seeing how easy it was, my husband and I made ours too- a gift for our family. The cost is very reasonable and they are not at all pressuring you to buy or do anything you don't want. I highly recommend their services! 07/2018

 I have already recommended your services to a number of people. You run a top-notch facility. ~Thank you George K. 07/2018

I live out of town - all handled kindly & efficiently by email and phone. 06/2018

My neighbors were present throughout the EMS and arrival of your service. They were so impressed they have signed up for both their funeral arrangements with you! Thank you for all did for me. ~Peggy W. 06/2018

I would recommend your services to anyone, your staff is awesome. 06/2018

Your staff provided superb services throughout a very difficult time for me. They could not have been more helpful or professional. Thanks for all your expertise and caring, it was of immeasurable value in helping me cope with a tragic loss. 1/2018

Our sorrow at losing my husband in a car accident and your expertise to make a final visitation with him to give myself, my son, and my daughter the closure we needed o to be able to see him to say our good-byes. We Thank You Very Much! ~ Moyean S. 

Henry was beyond helpful, supportive, tactful and kind during a very emotional and confusing time for our family. My father died in an accident, not local so everything was a big surprise. Henry's quiet confidence was reassuring while we were floundering. The whole process was explained and our wishes were considered step by step. Our options were presented respectfully and completely. The value for the cost was exceptional. Thank you to Henry for making our experience as smooth as possible. ~ Alea S.       1/2018

The Staff was very respectful, efficient and meticulous with detail,  3/2018 

I was very pleased with the experience. 5/2018

Mr. Sconfitto was extremely helpful and supportive during this Dark period in my life. He was attentive every step of the planning conference/meetings, before & during the day of the memorial service. He is a TREASURE!!! Thank you.!!! 05/2018


 Our mother having prearranged her cremation services with the Cremation Society of the Carolinas twenty years ago took a tremendous weight off our shoulders at a difficult time. Thanks! 5/2018

Steve did a great job of presenting the information with tact and making sure we received what I needed at a reasonable cost. High recommend. 5/2018

When my husband passed my son-in-law said the men who came were very good and compassionate. I appreciated that. 2/2018

You did a good job! 5/2018

Thank you for providing sincere compassion, understanding, and support during such a difficult time. I appreciate the special attention given to VA matters and Military honors arrangements. We were treated like family. 5/2018

The staff was very passionate and caring to our needs. The driver even met up with us to get my brother's ashes. 4/2018

Ada was particularly helpful. 3/2018

Cremation Society treated me with respect and compassion at all times, while also being highly responsive, professional and knowledgeable. 3/2018

Mr. Davis was very caring, kind, compassionate, and very knowledgeable in every aspect. He was very Profesional. Thanks, Sudie E. 3/2018

Although this organization had changed hands and the cost increased, our contract from years ago was honored - a sure sign of integrity. 2/2018

When I pass I will request my family to use your company.  Thanks for all the help. I will refer all my friends to your company. ~William F. 3/2018

From the moment I arrived, I was made to feel comfortable and I received careful and professional attention. I will not hesitate to recommend your organization to others as a place to expect full service at a difficult time. ~ M.A. Harfold 3/2018

There was some back and forth as to whether the Corner or VA was to sign off on the death certificate. Henry was very helpful in getting things resolved. Henry even took the time to call me several times to make sure things were going well even after his services had been rendered. I highly recommend Cremation Society of the Carolinas. 1/2018

From the first phone call, we felt that we made the right choice. Stephen took great care as he explained the process to us during our first meeting. All the staff members that we came in contact with all showed they cared. 3/2018

The staff arrived at Hospice very quickly. Making the arrangements were more than satisfactory, carried out by phone. 2/2018 

I was married to Joe for 52 years - and I had a lot of grief & sorrow - which was handled with care and tenderness. thank you. ~ Pat A. 1/2018 

Everyone at Cremation Society was courteous, kind and caring. Thank you to all. 1/2018

Thank you for making this as Ok as it could be, I'm so very grateful. ~ Maggie B. 2/2018

Thank you- Ada spoke with me a number of times. She made it easier for me as I live in Orlando, Florida.

Your response was quick and sensitive to my family's needs. All staff were excellent.

 Since we did everything by phone, computer and fax, we were overwhelmed with how easy you made a difficult time for us. When you said you would even deliver the ashes and death certificates (in freaksnow, no less) we were more than grateful. Your kindness and respect were definitely not taken for granted. ~ Gratefully Jean D.

 Prepaid and prearranged cremation services was one of the best gifts my parents left my brothers and I.

 I would like to thank Kevin Bridgewater for recommending to the Cremation Society of the Carolinas.

I requested a simple cremation and that was respected. No selling things I didn't want or need. Greatly appreciated,

 I had no idea of what needed to be done! Steve listened to me and everything was perfect, I don't know what I would have done without him. Thank you so very much for guiding me through all of this.

 I could not ask for any better.

 I requested basic simple services. I never felt any pressure from staff to choose more expensive options.

Very grateful for your professional and comforting services.

Ada was very caring and great to talk to - very nice when I came to pick up ashes - all went exactly as expected.

 My husband and I were so pleased with your services we will definitely come back when making future plans.

Christopher was particularly helpful.

The service I received from the Cremation Society of the Carolinas was just wonderful. They took care of all details from the death certificate to arranging for a flag and the USMC ceremony at our home. I highly recommend this compassionate and professional group.

 We were so grateful for the understanding of our grief of the loss of our son, Steve and Ada were helpful.

~Thank you & may God bless Carol F.

Ada did a great job!

Henry was particularly helpful. 

 Steve was wonderful! You all cared for our mother like she was your own. Thank you!

I particularly appreciate Steve meeting me on Labor Day to deliver my Dad's ashes to me. He was very helpful even weeks after his cremation helping us with a receipt.. ~ Thanks, Melinda S.

Your company was the first crematory we found online. We were quite pleased to be able to handle everything over the phone. The personnel was very courteous, patient and helpful. We would rate Cremation Society of the Carolins as "EXCELLENT'.

Christopher went the extra mile - kind, care, thoughtful, considerate, and through. My daughter and I will only recommend the Cremation Society of the Carolinas in the future. You are a class act!

I was treated with courtesy and kindness upon the death of my husband in early August of this year. Thank you very much. ~Margaret S.

Everyone was very professional yet compassionate.
A difficult time was made less difficult and we appreciate the effort and the care. Thank you!

 Excellent customer service from all staff.

Making pre-arrangements was the best thing I did. No worries just one phone call needed when my husband passed. Mine are also made so no one has to worry, about what I want or how to pay for it.

 Ada Harvell went above and beyond.

What you do to assist patients & families in death and dying is a godsend. We're fortunate to have you in our community.
Your care, know-how, and dedication are unmatched. ~ Judy R. M.

 Very competent and organized, with excellent advice that precluded any glitches, all done on the phone or by email. Henry Davis & Christopher Hatton were helpful. So glad my father chose you!

We just had the cremation done there. Everyone was helpful and explained the process well.

Henry Davis treated us as if we were his family. Couldn't be happier with the care that he provided to my sister, Cheryl, and our family. God bless you.

Cremation Society treated us like family. They were attentive and kind. Steve was particularly helpful. There were so much compassion and understanding during the arrangement, and when they picked up my grandmother, Thank you for who you are and what you do!!

My husband and I prearranged our own cremation when we called to prearrange for my mother. The service was just right after my mother's death and recently also after my husband's death.

Excellent Service. The easiest part of this awful experience. Thank you!

Our minister recommended you. Christopher was helpful. I have already given your contact information to several friends. thank you for finding me the perfect urn!

Steve Sconfitto helped for both Dad and Mom's death was great to work with.

Cremation Society of the Carolinas, Thank you so much for the love and support you've given the Brunner family through this very sad time.

Mom managed her cremation years ago. Her foresight made our difficult time quite a bit less stressful. I will be calling to make my own arrangements.

Ada, Thank you so much for everything you did for us from start to the end!!! Great and excellent job!!!

From beginning to end the experience was top notch. I came with my parents when they meet with Cremation Society of the Carolinas just 2 weeks before my father's unexpected death. Their wishes and plans were carried out with compassion & care. Thank you.

I can't thank you enough. This was my first experience preparing a going home service for a loved one. Ada made it so easy to navigate through. I am extremely grateful ~ Deana S.

All of your staff were compassionate respectful and professional. Communication was excellent and you did exactly what you said you would do when you said you'd do it.

The pick up of my wife's remains at the nursing home was within hours of her early morning death. This was outstanding.

We did not have a service, we had my Husband cremated then we took him back home for a Memorial with Family and Friends. Everything you did for us was good and we thank you. ~ Family of Michael D. J.

I thank everyone for the help and knowledge at a time of sorrow.

Special thanks to Steve who went beyond to assist me.

 I don't remember the name of the woman who helped when my husband died but she was terrific! So Kind, so good.

 Thank you for making a very difficult time easier for my family.  Barbara S.

The cremation with flag retired was a key reason for selecting your company.

The service was great and not overly pushy for buying additional services. However, had we realized it was cheaper to get cards done in NC vs NY we would have gotten them printed here.

Cremation Society has helped us ease the arrangements and funeral process for us, always patient, kind and caring. 

Our Parents always told us not to call a funeral home - to call the Cremation Society. Steve was always kind, compassionate, and considerate. He would call rather than email for sensitive matters. We were a little hesitant, but everything went smoothly a kind gentleman very personable - delivered my mother's urn. He even came to our home for me to sign insurance papers when I couldn't come to Raleigh.
~Thank you! Becky L.

Thank you for your services. ~ DK

I was very satisfied and grateful for the very professional experience that I received from the Cremation Society of the Carolinas. During this stressful time of my life, the support, kindness, and knowledge of this company were definitely a blessing.

Cremation Society contacted us in a timely manner. The staff was professional and courteous. They offered to deliver remains to my office which was helpful and saved time. If you need this service these are good people to work with.

We dealt with your facility when our Dad passed away with great satisfaction. It was exactly the same result when our mom left us. The genuine kindness and concern were much appreciated. Thank you from our hearts.

I appreciated the caring tone and full availability of those who helped me at this time. I felt supported, listened to, and assisted throughout all that needed to be done. Thank you.

I was extremely satisfied. Everyone was polite and respectful. I thought there were exceptional. Thank you so much for all you did to make this exceptionally hard time more tolerable.

~ Louise C.

No complaints Henry was very helpful.

Thank you, having this pre-arranged was a great help to our family.

I would definitely use this facility again.

This was a time of total unexpected sadness. My wife was my partner for 45 years, and suddenly the end now what to do? Your staff gave me and my family the information and help needed at my time of crisis. When my time comes I have instructed my family to use your services once again.

Respectfully, R.S.B.

Thank you all for your help throughout this time.

Your staff was thoughtful and considerate in all our dealings! They made several calls to make sure our desires were being met!

I am glad that I also have prearrangements with your firm. ~ Jean H., Chapel Hill

The entire staff was thoughtful, kind, and compassionate. ~ Jim H., Pittsboro

You arrived on time on Christmas Eve a difficult day for everyone. You were kind and professional, reasonable, and through. ~Mary M.

Everyone was just wonderful. ~ Linda B.

Special thanks to Steve Sconfitto, who treated us like family. We didn't have much time between Dad's death & his memorial service, but you got the cremation done in time for us to take him home with us. ~ Thank you.

Ada was particularly helpful.

The Cremation Society of the Carolinas far exceeded my expectations in every way: communication, support, sensitivity, and recommendations were all outstanding. Many Thanks!!! ~ Diane R.

Steve Sconfitto was very helpful, prompt and courteous.

All services excellent. ~ Carlene S.

Excellent experience with everything.

 Thank you for being so compassionate and caring in our time of need.

 We were very impressed with everyone we worked, with very satisfied, we felt everyone went above and beyond.

Stephen Sconfitto was great.

We specifically requested that mothers age not be publicized and found it on your website with her obituary. We called as soon as we saw it, and it was immediately removed. We appreciated the response to this request.

My mom's funeral plans were pre-arranged but things changed. Ada was extremely supportive and helpful in working through those revisions. My family was very grateful for her assistance.

Lisa Williams was particularly helpful.

Thank you got your help with transporting my mom's body to Duke where she wanted to donate her body for medical research. Thanks also for the prompt return of pre-payment funds, that was not used. Everyone was very professional.

The fella that delivered my mother's ashes to my door, was kind and at ease. He made the kindest comments to me upon delivery, I will always remember his words.

Sincerely, Jennifer Y.


 Thank you for your help with transporting my mom's body to Duke where she wanted to donate her body for medical research. Thanks also for the prompt return of our pre-payment money, that was not used. Everyone was very professional.

 Thank you for your considerate services.

I am particularly grateful for the non-cremation related services: securing death certificates & advising dispersal of them and arranging for color and honor guards with the army.

Rating of excellent - very good - reflects our satisfaction with all aspects of your service to our family. You've earned our positive recommendation to others.

~Stan F.

We prearranged everything. So wonderful not have to deal with.

Christopher was very professional, helpful, we were very pleased.

~Thank you

Your people did everything they said they would.

 Ours was a complicated story. A cousin found a month after death, no will, only 6 first cousins living in different states or countries. Legal issues as well consents. Ada handled all of this! We were so impressed we prearranged our funerals. Lisa was the one who did this for us, the same attention to detail!.

Everybody there was very nice and kind to me. A great group of people to deal with. ~Tom C.

Kevin Bridgewater was particularly helpful.

Based on our experience with the Cremation Society, we would absolutely recommend their services! For this kind of experience, your staff made it as pleasant as it could be. We thank you.

Excellent service across the board, overall.

My wife died at home. Cremation Society arrived promptly and carried out their duties responsibly, compassionately and efficiently. All personnel in the entire process at the facility did as well.

All my dealings were over the phone and everyone was very polite and caring. Henry is a real asset to you. Thank you all for walking me through this.

~Bruce B.'s Daughter (Margaret)

Service was courteous, respectful and efficient. The response was timely and services delivered as promised. 
Note: Service was prearranged by deceased, I had no face to face contact w/ staff, Ada Harvell was particularly helpful.

I was very impressed with the professional yet caring attitude of your staff. It made my unease simply disappear. 

Everyone was very kind and helpful through a difficult time. I was out of town when my mother passed and had to make the arrangement from afar. Everyone made that process seamless. Thank you!!

I can not believe the kindness expressed by your staff. The wildflower heart plant is phenomenal. Thank you so much.

 Thank you for your care during this difficult period.

As pastors, we have found that you all have served families well and have been able to do a great job even when cost was an issue. For my Mom's service, you were caring and went beyond the usual service.
Thanks so much~ Diane A.

I will always be grateful to Mr. Davis who was exceptionally helpful to me at such a distressing time and who went out of his way to help us with locating a final resting place for my spouse's remains.

Your Service was very good. All my question were answered promptly, with care and concern. I was very pleased with the results. Great Job!!!

 Thank you, you were great! I would definitely recommend you.
~ Kelly D.

 Before my mother died we had a conversation with Cremation Society of the Carolinas and knew we wanted a simple cremation using an earth box because we would be taking her ashes to her hometown in Georgia for a graveside service. It was her wish not to have a local service. When she passed away I was able to complete all the paperwork via email and follow up with a few phone call. This made the process as easy as possible during a very emotional time. I was able to stay at home with the family that had gathered for her last days. The attendants who came to our home to pick her up were kind and gentle and gave us time to be with her before arriving. I would definitely recommend Cremation Society of the Carolinas.

Starting with Keith we were allowed to have my husband leave our home as per our wishes.
Ada, could not have been more helpful though out. She kept me up to date on everything making a difficult experience very bearable.
Highly recommend, MEM

 Thank you, Steve, for the sincerity and professionalism displayed during a very difficult time for our family.

 I really appreciated the calming manner both speaking and in person as I worked with all of my husband's arrangements. Ada & Lisa were particularly helpful. Thus far I have recommended you to a dozen friends.

Thank you so much.

Henry Davis & staff were very caring and loving with our family. We used your services with both parents and plan on using you for ourselves.

Thanks again ~ The Pearce Family

I was somewhat apprehensive about how executing my parent's plans would work out since they had moved to another state after doing their planning. I had no need to worry. Everything was smoothly handled by the staff we contact.

My mother's final arrangements were pre-arranged. At the time of her death, I was able to get all my questions answered in email and phone conversations. The staff & Ada Harvell were extremely helpful and professional!

Stephen was particularly helpful and was great! 

Ada Harvell & Henry Davis Were helpful. Thank you for providing our family service on such a short notice.

Steve Prepared my mom for presentation in a beautiful way, I will never forget. 

Cremation Society including Henry and staff were so sincere and everything felt heartfelt. Easily Accessible and quick to answer my questions.

Excellent Service and compassionate people.
Thank you.

It's an old saying but ever true: Experience Counts!
In gratitude, Larry K.

I live in MN and my son who passed lived in NC. So It was good to have arrangements that were taken care of easily and so professional.

Mr. Henry Davis was extremely helpful and understanding.
I was very pleased and satisfied with all the help and information I received at the Cremation Society of the Carolinas.

I was dealing with the passing of my brother, from out of state. I had no previous experience with cremation and transport of the remains. All went smoothly and without issues. 
Thank for your assistance during this stressful time. ~Bob

 Would definitely recommend Services.

Thank You! 

 I truly appreciate your facility expediting my mother's cremation, so all our family could be present.

Thank you again, Michelle T.

 Thank you and your staff for taking care of our family and my mother when she was in your care. You all are truly a blessing and I appreciate each of you. 

Thank you! Janell P.

You were kind, not pushy when we first came about my mother. We came back when my father died and you were kind then, too, but most importantly, did as we asked. We are grateful for your help and appreciative as a family. 

All arrangements were handled professionally by Steve and with great care.

My parents had made arrangement and prepaid in the late '9os. Both of them have now passed away and it would not have been easier at what would have been a very difficult time. My husband and I will be contacting you to make our arrangements. 

Thank you for making a difficult think easier. ~Beatrice J. S.

Thanks for helping me during the planning of my fathers funeral that I was not expecting to be planning all alone or anytime at all. Steve was very pleasant to work with. I felt that I was treated like family. 
Thanks, Kimberly W.

 Ada was able to answer all of my questions and always available or prompt in returning the numerous calls or emails. She was sympathetic, kind, and informative.

 Ada brought papers for me to sign during an extreme downpour and truly appreciate the cremains being delivered to my me since I was not able to drive yet. 

Henry went over and above to help us to get military honors and to work with the patriot guard rider to honor our deceased veteran.

 Stephen Sconfitto was helpful and the staff was very professional and respectful. Bottom line: your staff did everything they said they would do. I couldn't ask for anything more. 

 Ada thank you! The gentleman who picked up my mom's remains at our home were very respectful, kind and professional.

I appreciated that the men who came to pick Mom up were formally dressed. I loved the white rose left in Mom's room after her departure. Loved the heart-shaped wildflower to plant!

 Henry was particularly helpful and pleasant.

 Steve Sconfitto was great! As we experienced with my dad and husband, the service was superb. The entire staff is very caring and considerate.

 We worked with Ada and she was quite helpful and responsive.

 Ada was helpful. I appreciated knowing the exact time and length of the process.

 Henry was with us at every step. We valued his guidance and recommendation. He is a kind, understanding man.
Thank you, Carol T.

Henry, Keith, Derrick, and Ada were particularly helpful. We visited prior to my husband's passing to make arrangements. Everyone treated us with compassion. I would and have recommended this facility and staff to others. 
Thank you. Wendy F., Louisburg, NC

Steve and all staff members were particularly accommodating and helpful.

 Ada Harvell was very helpful.

 My husband is a financial adviser and recommends you to his clients.

 I don't remember their names but the two gentlemen that came to the house were great, very professional in appearance and demeanor.

 All Staff was helpful. -Extremely Professional - Attention to detail - Responsive to family's wishes.

Henry Davis was particularly helpful.

 Thank you! You were all very thoughtful.

 I was unable to travel to Durham and had to handle the matter of my Mother's cremation over the phone. Mr, Henry Davis was very professional, helpful and caring in this regard and made the experience bearable in difficult times.

Henry Davis was helpful. It is a necessary business but they were gratuitous and sympathetic.

 My mother had moved out of state to KY When she passed all of our needs were met quickly and conveniently. This was a good experience at a difficult time. I love the idea of the heart full of seeds for the garden! Thank you.

Your staff was caring and professional during a difficult time. One of your staff members, Steven Sconfitto,  was a Navy veteran who was particularly helpful with military honors.

 I can't say enough about the staff and service. Kind, prompt, knowledgeable, Always there to answer questions and be helpful. Ada went above and beyond. She even worked with our church to make sure my father's urn would work with the niche in the columbarium.

 Your staff member waited another 10-15 minutes to give our son, daughter-in-law, and grandkids, time to say their last farewell. It meant a lot to us all. Thank you.

Tripp Sellers was very professional and answered my many questions. Mama had made her pre-arrangments for cremation in 2009. Therefore it was easy for us.
I've also signed and paid for me pre-arrangments in 2009. So my family won't have to worry. But please remind them of other services that you provide when I die.
Thanks,  Jackie B.

A very impressive older gentleman came in the middle of the night when mom passed - very nice, professional and compassionate. Thank you for your help with both our Mom and Dad.

Tripp was most helpful. My phone broke during all of the chaos and he didn't miss a beat when I gave him other numbers to contact me at. He was also honest and considerate when I expressed concern about my family wanting to see my father's body days after his death. I appreciate everything he has done for us.

We were pleased with the overall experience. Art was able to recover mom's necklace before the cremation. He was knowledgeable and considerate. He provided us with the information we needed to inter mom in Pennsylvania.

My father willed his body to UNC-CH. Upon Dad's death, Cremation Society of the Carolinas was recommended. My dad lived in Raleigh and I was 2.5 hours away, Tripp handled everything for me to have my dad transported to UNC. When UNC completed their study, the remains will be cremated and returned to the family. Thanks so much for making this process as easy as possible.

Cremation Society was thoughtful of my needs. My husband was a Navy Veteran and I was able to find the perfect urn with flag and eagle.

Everyone was very kind. Both of my brothers were taken care of by your staff within 5 months of each other. They were both hardship situations. I was unable to be there but I felt they were in good hands and had high recommendations from Hank M. about your company. My husband and I can not thank you enough for what you have done for us.
Thank you again for your service and most of all for your kindness,
Bob & Sheila M.

I was out of town. This cremation was prearranged and paid for. Everything was handled excellently.

Your website explained exactly what I was looking for. Arthur Sellers was helpful. This was an unexpected situation. I did not even know what or where to do. You helped a lot and followed up.
Thank you,

Henry was particularly helpful and was compassionate and understanding.

Ada Harvell - wonderful beautiful person as well as Henry Davis. You are a wonderful group of people. I have recommended to many friends.

Pre-arranging is the best for the family. All persons I dealt with were professional and courteous. I really appreciate their efforts.

Ada and all the personnel were helpful and very nice people. My family and I are very grateful for the excellent services and kindness from all personnel. Thanks for being so helpful at the time when we needed it most.

The gentlemen who picked dad up at home were very sympathetic. After Daddy's body was removed from his home, the staff made up his bed and placed a beautiful white wooden rose on his pillow. When Daddy's ashes were delivered, the gentleman was very compassionate. Thank you for a job well done.

Our circumstance was unusual and we were demanding and expecting special services- and you were great and as accommodating as any could be. I am very grateful. ps. My husband and I have pre-arranged services with you. They've been in place for several years.

My experience with your company was good and I would recommend you to others.

Everyone was caring, welcoming, and informative. I will recommend your services to friends and family. You folks helped me through a very difficult time.

Services were pre-arranged. The dealing and contacts I had with your personnel were very satisfactory and efficiently performed.
Jean W.

I have already recommended you to friends who were very pleased.

Henry Davis was polite, sincere and completely understanding of my situation. I live in Oregon and he helped guide me with all details.

Our Funeral Director, Tripp Sellers met all our wishes. We couldn't ask for more and his professional handling of our Buddhist religion and culture ceremony, was exceptional. Every member of your staff has been so kind and helpful during our difficult time. We are so pleased with your services for our father's funeral. Request and wishes were met with no hesitation. We highly recommend your services and facilities. My family and I appreciate the compassion and smooth process in which your staff has provided to us. 
The Phongsavath Family

This was our 3rd time using Cremation Society of the Carolinas. It just gets easier -if that's possible. They are very professional, very accommodating, and lift a good portion of the stress. I would recommend them to anyone.
~The Barts Family

Everyone was just wonderful and we felt comfortable. Your staff spent a great deal of time on the phone with us to explain your services and answered all our questions. As the time drew near we went to your facility and finalized our plans. You all had a calming effect as I couldn't get through it without falling apart. You also showed us such courtesy and concern.
~Dorothy G.

Everyone was very considerate and thoughtful and full of concern at the Cremation Society of the Carolinas.


There was not one question or detail that was overlooked. Ada was so helpful and knowledgeable. I am so grateful that she was there to guide us through such a difficult time with compassion and profession, she is an asset to your company. 

~Many thanks from the K. Family

All of this was prearranged by my parents. You handled my dad's cremation in September 2002 and my mother was pleased. My brother and I were pleased with your services and handling our mother's cremation in August 2014. Thank you so much

Both Arthur and Chris were so kind and caring in their handling of my mother's cremation and providing assistance to our family at a difficult time in our lives. They worked with us to provide appropriate products to suit our needs and were very responsive to our questions. Thank you so much for the 'Heart" to plant in our garden. We look forward to some blooms this summer!

Thank you for your help during this difficult time. Everything went well and everyone was very kind.
~Sandra H.

During this sad time, the staff was very compassionate. They had the patience to explain the process and made our father's service beautiful.

The staff was there to help my son and daughter-in-law in there great time of need. Thank you all.

It was a trying time but your staff was greatly appreciated their care and assistance was the BEST. Thank you so very much in my time of need you were a godsend.

Cremation Society of the Carolinas made this tough part of our experience as easy as it could have been. Caring, expert support was what we got! The gentleman who helped us was a pleasure and a comforting expert.

Thank you to Ada, Kevin, Terry, and Andy,
The tragic death of my sister within 3 months of her relocation to NC brought us tremendous pain, loss, and confusion. Yet, your staff's professionalism, warmth, and support helped us greatly during this heartbreaking ordeal. We are very thankful for the excellent services you provide.
Florence Y.

Excellent service. Will recommend.
John C.

Mr. Art Sellers made this process so much more bearable for me. He was a comforting and stable component in all of this. I could not have asked for more and so appreciate all his efforts on my behalf.
Thank you! Suzanne J.

You handled the arrangements of both parents, who prepaid their cremation with your business. I am very grateful that they made that decision many years ago. My experience with your company was limited to your staff member coming to pick up each of my parents' remains, and then I was the one who came to your office in Raleigh to pick up the cremains (October 2012 and May 2014).
The gentleman who came both times to get my parents' remains were professional, polite and understanding. They did their job well and gave our family the time we needed. I especially appreciated seeing a rose on Mother's pillow after they left and I found a rose on the side table after my father's remains were removed. It was very heartwarming and sensitive.
Respectfully. Christine P.

I thought that performance was faultless and your business is highly to be recommended.
Thank you. George G.

When my husband and I moved from NC to Florida, we wanted to make final arrangements for mother living in a healthcare facility. The forms Kevin Bridgewater had to capture my mother's wishes were invaluable in getting her to express her wishes and preferences. When my mother actually passed away, the arrangements took place flawlessly and we did not even need to travel 600miles to assist. Everything was taken care of seamlessly we want to make similar arrangements for ourselves.

We have used your facility with both parents passing Ada Harvell was professional, warm, and the place is lovely & peaceful. Thank you. ~V. S.

Thank you for helping us know what to do with our loved one's ashes.

My daughter-in-law handled contact with you - I was very satisfied with your services.

From start to finish we had a positive experience at Cremation Society of the Carolinas and Art offered my son and me comfort and clarity with our choices. You went to bat for us to try and comply with the time-sensitive issue for our service so that all family members could be on hand.

Art Sellers was exceptionally helpful and did a wonderful job.

Thank you, Henry Davis, for your help, kindness, and compassion during the death of our father.

I've forgotten some details. But when my wife died, you picked her body up promptly & unobtrusively, and later delivered death certificates and ashed as promised. I recommend you to people I know. Thank you.

I felt concern and care each time I was called or that I had needed to call. Everything was handled with respect and honor. Thank you so much! ~ Michele C.

I appreciate that the Cremation Society of the Carolinas allowed the remains of my husband to stay with them for several months. The staff members and Tripp Sellers were wonderful to work with. ~Lois G.

I appreciated the dignity you showed the day you took him away. And the help you gave me to obtain new death certificates.

I prepaid in the late 1990s and your staff honored arrangements in 2014. Excellent service.
Thank you for assisting in my mother's passing
Marie B. R., MD

I was impressed with the details Kevin supplied me when I made pre-arrangements. My wife's remains were picked up at Hospice and respect was shown to my family and wife. They were both very helpful and professional at the funeral Service. 
Thank you,
Augie B.

Art was so sincere in his sympathy. My grief was validated by his caring. Art made me feel that it was okay to cry - not expected- but when the emotions became too hard to keep in, the tears were healing. I have recommended you over and over. Thank you!

Everything was done with the utmost care We appreciate all that Art did for our family. Many Blessing.

The main reason we chose Cremation Society of the Carolinas was the price.

Your staff was exceptionally nice and went above beyond to accommodate our needs. Kevin, Henry, and Keith did a great job, so good that I referred a friend to your facility the after when her father passed away.

The followup outreach by mail and email is excellent and much appreciated. I recently received a seed-embedded heart, which was a lovely idea. I planted it yesterday and look forward to seeing the flowers grow.


I was extremely expressed with the courtesy and care all the staff on the phone as well as at my home. They all were a great comfort to me.
Thank you ~ R. Bridle

My brother made all his own arrangements. I attended his memorial service and was very satisfied with everything.

Henry helped to make this experience as painless as possible. Thank you.

Ada was so helpful, very prompt.

Thank you for taking care of both my father and step-mom after they passed on, with care, compassion, and professionalism.
~Evan C.

Art was very knowledgeable and kind. Thank you for your kindness and your professionalism. It made a very hard time a bit easier. Also great value for the service you provide.

I can't say enough good words about Ada. She was very professional but heartfelt, she knew everything and was a great comfort to me at the most difficult time in my life. She is a major asset to your company.

When everything seemed very difficult, the Cremation Society of the Carolinas piece was very easy. I was surprised at the additional services included and always felt I was in very good hands with Henry.
Thank you, thank you.
Heather S.

My arrangements were made 7 years ago. At the of need, your staff were excellent and worked to guide me beautifully. Thank you. As soon as I close my mother's affairs, I shall make my own plans with you.
Thank you again,
Cynthia E.

Both Henry and Ada were wonderful. It seems like I was running in there several times a week, and they both were most helpful each time. I was constantly taking pictures to Ada to put into the computer, and she was always gracious and kind. Henry helped me select just the services that I needed instead of a fixed package. He was always so kind and understanding. Many thanks to you both!

We were on vacation visiting family in Goldsboro when my husband passed away. Family flew in from New York, Arkansas, and Florida to be with their father and brother. It was very difficult and emotional time for all of us. Dave was so very kind, caring and provided everything we needed. He helped us through a very difficult time and we will always remember his great compassion.~Mrs. Gayle D
The reception was very professional in our time of grief and I didn't have to worry about a thing. I felt no pressure to make unnecessary decisions. All the options were thoroughly explained in a calm quiet manner.
I really appreciated receiving then newsletters! They were helpful, empathetic and True I've shared them with others who also are experiencing grief. Thank you so much, Henry!

We could not have been more pleased with Kevin Bridgewater and Henry Davis and the Cremation Society of the Carolinas. Our family especially appreciated the flexibility to share and express out memories of Jack in a welcoming setting.
~Marilyn K.

From the family of Paul T. L.
Thanks for your help. 
~Keith L.

Thank you, Art, for your kind understanding, patience and assistance during a very difficult time.
All staff members were very professional and helpful.
No one ever "wants" grief to come but it does. This was unexpected but I could not have had a more perfect "end' if I had planned every detail. From the caretakers that removed my dad's body to receiving ashes - everyone was so sensitive, caring, compassionate and gave us the help we needed. Thank you so much.

Delivered remains to my home which greatly alleviated stress for me. Wonderful overall service.

Thank you for your service. The care and understanding helped us at this difficult time.
~ The P. Family

I lost both my parents within 4 months and the CSC was extremely caring, conscientious, patient and understanding. They accommodated our every need and were available even after hours to answer our numerous questions. We couldn't have asked for a better service during that very sad time.
~Nannette I., MD

I was very impressed with how this company, once I had enlisted their services, took the attending to the remains of my son completely off my hands and returned his cremated remains very quickly. I wasn't pressed to spend more than I requested. Thank you.
You were the most considerate, caring, conscientious humans doing this job which is a terrible time for us but you made it better.
- D. B.

Our family only utilized the Cremation Society of the Carolinas, not the funeral service. I was impressed with the men who came to pick up my wife. They were sympathetic in my time of grief. A very painful time was more easier because of your entire staff.
~William C.

This is a wonderful service and everyone has been respectful, and helpful both times we have chosen your company. 
Thank you, Lisa J.

The two men I talked to were both kind and sympathetic without being insincere or over-sweet, They were personable, professional, real and above all, HELPFUL. I don't know if they just read me like a book or what, but they were just what I needed. Professional without being at all cold. It felt personal but on my terms. I have no complaints at all. They advised me on everything to do with dealing with a death and made it clean and I could call anytime. There was no hard sell and until this experience, I was suspicious of the "Funeral" industry. These guys seemed to take their cue from me and the whole experience felt sincere in every way. THANK YOU!

Your Staff made this difficult time much easier.

Kevin Bridgewater was particularly helpful. Good Job.

Thank you for all your help was perfect. 
Mr. Charles C.

The removal staff was terrific!

I was very well satisfied with the service provided by the Cremation Society of the Carolinas and its staff.

Our Family was very pleased with the assistance given to us during the time of my husbands passing. Everyone we dealt with was nice and helpful; from the person who presented you program to us, to the gentleman who oversaw the internment. Thank you so much.
Sincerely Virginia H.

We were greatly helped by the service. Everything went so smoothly
Thanks so much.

I was very pleased at how the Funeral Director was both professional and sensitive while being very thorough and expedient. Everything was handled as promised. The experience was so impressive that my father wanted to pre-arrange and pre-pay his cremation with Cremation Society of the Carolinas.
My family appreciated your sincere interest in behalf of our loved one.
Thank you.
Mary D.

I had a wonderful experience with your staff; they were very professional, available and helpful. I especially appreciated them delivering my mom's remains to my office. I was having a hard time making time to drive from Chapel Hill to Raleigh and was overwhelmed feeling, the delivery took a big weight off of me. Thanks!
Courteous, the process was much easier and less stressful than anticipated.
~Gretchen M.

Henry Davis was very helpful and knowledgeable. I felt very confident that everything would be taken care of and the information he gave was complete. Thank you,
Kathryn L.

Dave Wujastyk was so very helpful through the entire process... from filling out the paperwork to explaining everything to the end. He was not only compassionate but willing to do anything to make things as painless as possible. Dave is certainly an asset to your business. I hope you recognize him for the employee you have; he has wonderful interaction skills.

Your staff member, Ada, was extremely helpful, knowledgeable and mindful of the solemnity of the situation. She was very kind and patient. I would not hesitate to recommend your facility to those in need of cremation services.
I was very pleased with all you did for us.
Mary E.

All the Steps during the pre-planning and after-passing call were handled in a very professional and courteous manner.

Henry, we appreciate all the help(we all live out of state) and were caught off guard when mom passed. It happened so Fast! we apologize for our family squabbling (very high emotional time). Also, we appreciate your patience.
Moniet L.

Ada went out of her way to assist me in getting information to Michigan for the trust officer. I really appreciated her extra effort.
Kathleen M.

I appreciate your help and guidance through the process. I was taking care of my friend as he had no family I would recommend your services in the future.

I have always found your staff extremely supportive and understanding.

Everyone was very kind and helpful with all our wants and needs.

Your guidance with all the details beyond the cremation service, such as obituary assistance and reminders related to the death certificates were extremely helpful. Thank you very much for your efficient yet compassionate and supportive attentiveness.
C. Cox

You handled both my Mom and Dad's cremations, very satisfied. 
Thank you.
Michael S.

We were pleased with the service we received Henry did a great job.
Five Star Service at a rough time. The first young Lady who took my call is why I came.
Ben P.

Thank you for making a difficult time much easier. Everyone was professional and extremely helpful.
Many thanks,
R. Russell

Ada Harvell gave us the guidance we needed to get the process started after the death of our father. The cremation itself had been pre-arranged, but we still had a number of "what next" questions. Thank you so much!
The family of Charles P.

Everything went smoothly for us and staff were extremely kind and competent.
Martha W.

We appreciate the service provided. 
C & A

Since my aunt had contact with you, it was extremely helpful that you were able to come to Charlotte to pick up her body after she passed away and take her back to Raleigh for cremation. Then we also appreciated the service of bringing the ashes to Hamlet, NC for her burial.

Everything and everybody were so helpful and very quick to provide good information. They gave us excellent service in every way. Very pleased that the prepaid arrangements are still provided for our needs. Another family member has decided to go with your cremation due to service provided to our family.
Thank you.

I appreciate the sensitive and professional manner in which everyone responded to our schedule and needs. Keep it up. 
William R. and Family

Thank you for the simple way you handled this sad time. 
Jane H.

I was very pleased with the help and services that were explained to me. Everyone was very nice and courteous, even on the phone. I could not have asked for a company & staff to be any better under the circumstances of dealing with an unexpected death. Please extend my appreciation to all for everything that was done for me. 
Thank you very much.
Louise W.

The gal who helped us was very helpful and professional. Her handling of the obituary was certainly a welcomed service, We were especially pleased with the container for ashes which floats briefly and the biodegrades within a short time. What a great idea!
Thank you!
~Susan S.

You handled matters with efficiency, effectiveness, and courtesy. My sons and are I are most grateful for your fine work under circumstances that otherwise could have been more difficult for us. Thank you very much.
~Gordon B.

The process went smoothly over just a few days. The two men who picked up my wife's remains at home were very kind and efficient professionals. Short schedules were met for the obituary and availability of the ashes. I am quite pleased with all the services provided by the Cremation Society of the Carolinas. 
~James D.

I only dealt with Ada and she was very helpful, courteous, and knowledgeable and caring.
Given the short notice we had with our Dad and his situation, the services we received from Cremation Society were professional and efficient which helped our family given the loss and not having to worry about all the details with cremation.

Every step of the way was handled with efficiency and a minimum of discussion pre-arrangements. All our plans were set up and paid for 3 years ago, which greatly Helped. Thank you so much.
~Marilyn Q.

Ada was incredibly respectful and helpful. The gentlemen who were on duty, when my daughter and I picked up my son was helpful. Thank you. I would definitely recommend you to anyone in need of your services.
Martha C.