Families choosing to plan Cremation Services today may not recognize the many choices available to Honor the Memory of their Loved One's Life. 


Traditional Cremation Service

Traditional minded families, may want to have an opportunity for extended family and friends to spend time with their loved one, prior to cremation. This option allows you as immediate family members, along with extended family members and friends, an opportunity to have a moment to visit with your loved one a final time, prior to the cremation being scheduled. A Celebrating Service may then traditionally follow at our Chapel/ Gathering Room or perhaps your Church.   


Cremation with Memorial Service 

Families whom wish to have Service of Remembrance to Honor their family member's life may choose this option, which would be scheduled following the cremation process being completed. Creating a remembrance service, will provide your family and friends a secure opportunity to reflect on the many memories of the life of your loved one and is a great way to begin a healing process of the loss of your family member.  


Simple Cremation 

Families wishing to entrust us to oversee the Simplicity of a Cremation only, can do so by selecting our Direct Cremation Service option. Our support with this choice is with complete oversight at our facility and include our Cremation You Trust commitment to your family.


Urn Selections

Choosing an Urn is a most sacred decision and may should be chosen to meet specific requirements. We recommend discussing this decision with your Director before choosing.